Hackathon Rules:

  1. Demos must be functional (no pure design mocks). However, it's okay if your product isn't fully complete at time of demo.
  2. Every participant must be registered on Devpost.
  3. Each team can consist of anywhere from 1-4 people. Every team member must register individually.
  4. All code must be original, and coding cannot begin prior to the event start time. Use of private APIs and libraries are prohibited. Open source libraries are okay.

Housekeeping Rules:

  1. Bring your own laptop or dev machine.
  2. Stay hygenic, it's going to be a long weekend!
  3. Be polite and courteous to everyone.


* We reserve the right to remove and disqualify anyone for violation of any of the above rules. 

* A panel of Judges with experience in tech, international development, and international technology implementation will rank solutions based on scalability, social impact, usability, and readiness. Teams will demo what they built in front of all Break Poverty attendees.